Having raced for around 20 years at all levels of the sport I now want to pass this knowledge on to you. I’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to! Get the most out of the time you have, to be the best you can be!
I offer two coaching options...

Professional one to one

This is how I and all the top riders in the sport are coached. The plan is tailor made to you. Your specific goals, your specific physiology, your specific time restraints. There’s no limit on contact as I believe a close relationship with your coach is key.
All training will be prescribed through Training Peaks, where you’ll receive daily emails with the training and analysis through the most advance software, WKO4.
In addition to the training, you’ll also be given advice on nutrition and racing as well as anything else you may need.
Riders will also benefit from discounted SIS nutrition and lab testing.

Personalised Training Plan

If you’re not ready to commit to a full on one to one coaching plan, why not try a rolling 3 month plan. These plans are a great introduction and at only £50 a month very affordable.
What sets this plan apart is that it’s specific to you, not an off the peg generic plan. As with the one to one service, it will be specific to your physiology, goals and available time.
Coaching will be prescribed through Training Peaks online software, where you’ll receive daily emails with the training.
Each plan will start with a consultation and fitness test (there’s also the option to upgrade this is a lab test). After the 3 month period we can re-test and replan to make sure you’re meeting your goals.
You will also benefit from a discount on SIS nutrition.

If you’re interested in either of the above packages, please get in touch so that we can discuss further.

Lab and fitness testing

Why was there such a cry for Chris Froome to do a lab test? Because it gives us a huge insight to your unique physiology.
With a lab test we can establish your Peak Power, VO2 max, aerobic threshold and lactate threshold. These numbers are crucial to a cyclist and provide us with important information about your physiology. In addition to the blood test we can also check pedalling efficiency and left and right leg discrepancies.
Many riders now use 95% of what they can do for 20 minutes as their threshold value. This is a very rough estimation, which in my experience is not very accurate. Why take such an assumption when all of you're training is based on this number? Knowledge is power!


Wether you’re looking to drop a few kilos for optimum power to weight or just want to maximise training adaptation and performance, then nutrition will play a huge part.
When asked “how is your diet?” many riders often respond with “good”. However, when I analyse their diet they’re often far from the mark. You wouldn’t put diesel in an F1 car would you?
As well as nutritional advice I can also recommend and offer you a range of Science in Sport (SIS) products to boost race day performance and enhance recovery.


Shop and Bike Fit Discounts

Receive 10% - 25% discount at Stan’s Cycles in Shrewsbury. Receive a discount anything in-store including bikes and power meters. Stan’s Cycles also has a state of the art Trek precision fit system to fit you to your bike perfectly making you efficient and comfortable.

Training Camps

A training camp is a great way to gain those extra watts for your big goal or set you up for your best season yet. There’s a reason every pro team in the world has them throughout the year! However the difference between the pro camps and amateurs is the structure. All too often I see amateurs go away, smash themselves in to the ground and come back worse off than when they went. If you’re paying all that money to go away and train why not get the best out of it?
Working with a family run bike specific holiday company (Cycle Pyrenees) I can tailor make a training camp package to meet your goals. You’ll benefit from my knowledge and experience from training and nutrition to on the bike coaching, which can often be overlooked.
Improve your climbing, descending, nutrition and speed all within the beautiful setting of the Pyrenees.